Overall Health

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Many of the patients that come to True Balance are on a mission to implement a proactive approach to aging. Most of us have seen our parents age and suffer decline in their ability to live independently and remember who they and their loved ones are. A main focus at True Balance is to increase ‘healthspan’ as we treat symptoms of hormone imbalance and deficiency. We think it is important as you live longer to be able to live independent and remember who you and your loved ones are.

Treatment with only sex hormones is not enough to preserve and increase healthspan. True well being is found at the intersection of a number of factors, each of which has to be optimized to contribute to overall well-being. These areas include

We live in a time of unprecedented information availability, unfortunately it can be difficult to find credible sources of information. We strive to be one of your credible sources. Regular attendance at Functional and Regenerative Medicine conferences ensures the information we provide is up to date and reliable. This also explains why we are not just a ‘hormone‘ clinic, but instead center our focus on the entire individual in the context of their overall life.

It is very easy to take a patient with good balance in their overall health and make them feel much better with the addition of the sex hormones they are lacking. Our experience in the field over the past 10 years allows us to assist patients who may have imbalances in the other areas of life listed above. Our sophisticated patient symptom scores allows us to identify people out of balance in these other areas when their sex hormones are optimized. This can even occur when the patient themselves does not know what is out of balance.

    • nutrition
    • stress management
    • brain health
    • exercise
    • relationships – personal and work