A non-invasive treatment for skin irregularities.

nyone can develop skin tags. Luckily, the Lamprobe is a quick, effective treatment for skin irregularities. A Lamprobe, combines radio and high-frequency technology to produce heat. The precise heat is applied to skin tags or moles to dry them out immediately, reducing or removing the skin irregularity.

Skin tags often occur in areas of friction, such as the neck, underarms or around the groin. They also can be attributed to genetics. They generally start showing up as you age and typically increase in frequency as you get older. Some people are born with moles, while others develop more as they age.

Most skin tags are not a cause for concern, but if you’re unhappy with their appearance, the Lamprobe allows for non-invasive treatment of these skin irregularities.


What to expect


As your technician applies precise heat to the skin irregularity, you will feel a zapping sensation. This sensation is felt for a short period of time and is generally tolerated well by patients.

What to expect


After the irregularities are treated a small crust or scab will form and it will fall off your skin in approximately 4-7 days.


Are skin tags a health concern?

Skin tags are benign and harmless, but at times they can be irritated and inflamed in areas of friction. Often times, people are unhappy with the physical appearance of this skin irregularity. 

What's the best way to treat them?

The most safe and effective way to treat skin tags is with a Lamprobe, which combines radio and high-frequency technology to produce heat. 

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