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Meet Dr. Brown

True Balance Medical Spa’s Executive Medical Director Dr. Ron Brown has dedicated his career to improving the lives of his patients with honesty and integrity.

Meet Dr. Brown

True Balance Medical Director

Dr. Ron Brown graduated with a degree in family medicine in 1983. After practicing as a general practitioner, he went back to specialize in OBGYN at the University of Alberta Hospital in 1995. Five years later, he opened up “Laser Elegance For You” as the Medical Director, which is now known as “True Balance Medical Spa.” Dr. Brown became board-certified in Functional and Regenerative Medicine from The American Academy of Anti-Aging, which led to his primary interest in bio-identical hormone replacement therapy. Dr. Brown’s book, “Discovering Your Truebalance with Bioidentical Hormones”, documents his years of extensive research and accumulated knowledge. Since publication he has been able to help thousands of patients improve their quality of life with bioidentical hormone replacement therapy (BHRT). Dr. Brown has retired from his Obstetrics practice, and now focuses on BHRT, Gynecology and non-invasive urinary incontinence treatments. In addition to this, he has been prescribing Medical Cannabis since August 2019 and is passionate about cannabis therapy to help with pain reduction and mood stabilization.

On “The Inner Circle with Carrie Doll,” Dr. Brown joins Carrie to discuss his extensive work and research in BHRT. This candid discussion covers the complex relationship between women and their hormones throughout the aging process. Listen to the podcast for more information about the benefits of BHRT.

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Honesty & Integrity

We're dedicated to taking the time to understand your concerns, and recommend the best course of treatment.


Our team wants you to feel at home - led by experienced doctors, nurses, and specialists, you'll feel welcomed as soon as you step through our doors.


It's important to us that you look and feel your absolute best - for this to happen, we make sure that each and every client feels safe and respected at True Balance.


We're continuously striving to make your experience the best it can be by utilizing all feedback to enhance our customer service and treatment practices.

About BHRT

I have been involved in BHRT for more than 15 years and watched True Balance develop into the largest BHRT clinic in Canada. In that time, True Balance has assisted more than 5,000 patients to find hormone solution to symptoms that trouble them. Over these years, I have become more and more convinced that BHRT forms the foundational basis of a robust health extension program. The hormones we use are Nature’s anti-inflammatories that created great health in our younger years. Most diseases that we encounter as we age are due to increased levels of inflammation. Sex hormones bind to our DNA in each of our 30 trillion cells and act directly to reduce production of inflammatory cytokines. Hormones alleviate the symptoms of hormone deficiency and imbalance as well. I believe BHRT is fundamentally safer than conventional hormones. The net effect is an improved quality of life, reduced risk of disease and a better safety profile than conventional hormones.

True Balance Medical Spas are located in Spruce Grove, St. Albert and Sherwood Park. We offer a wide range of services including injectables, laser, aesthetics, massage, medical weight loss and hormone replacement programs.

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