Lash / Brow Enhancement

Simplify your routine and get some extra sleep with one of True Balances lash and brow enhancement options.

implify your morning routine with one of our eyebrow or eyelash enhancements.  Your eyebrows and eyelashes help to accentuate your facial structure and features. When you wake up and your eyebrows and eyelashes already look amazing, you save time on your morning routine and start the day feeling confident.

Enhancement Options

Eyelash lift

No matter how many times you curl your lashes, sometimes they just need a extra boost. An eyelash lift perms your natural lashes, for a low maintenance curl. This is the perfect low maintenance lash choice!

lash/brow tint

An eyelash or eyebrow tint is the perfect no-fuss option to keep your lashes and brows looking perfect with minimal effort. A vegetable based dye is used to tint the lashes/brows so they appear darker and fuller-looking.

brow lamination

Say goodbye to stubborn brows that just won’t stay in place. Eyebrow lamination is an eyebrow perming treatment that involved correcting the brow shape by setting the hairs in place using a chemical solution. 


If you’re tired of spending time each morning filling in your brows, microblading may be a great option for you. This semi-permanent cosmetic tattoo uses thin, brow-like strokes to create a fuller, more defined brow look.


If you’re looking for a precise, gentle brow grooming option, look no further – threading is a great treatment option. A thread is used to remove hair one-by-one, allowing your technician complete control over each hair follicle. 


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