Permanent Makeup

Enhance your beauty and save yourself time in the morning with one of our permanent makeup options..

ouldn't it be nice to roll out of bed with pigmented lips and picture-perfect brows? Permanent Makeup is a cosmetic skin treatment that applies pigment to the dermal layer of the skin.

Permanent makeup options:

Lip Blush

Lip Blushing is a semi-permanent tattoo process that defines and fills your natural lips. Not only can lip blushing help your lips appear more full and defined, it also enhances your natural color. Your technician will work with you to find the perfect shade, then use small needles to deposit the pigment onto your lip.

If you’re obsessed with overlining your lips, but aren’t interested in lip fillers, Lip Blushing may be the right treatment for you. 

Powder Brows

Powder Brows is a semi-permanent treatment that uses a special shading technique to achieve a natural-looking, defined eyebrow. Your new brows will have a soft, powder effect to them, similar to if you filled them in every day. Powder brows are a great option for those who are not a candidate for microblading and shading can be customized to all unique skin types. 


Microblading is a semi-permanent technique that can help thin, sparse bows appear fuller by using a hand tool with a needle to create thin, brow-like strokes. 


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