Microlaser peel

A laser-assisted peel to rejuvenate and resurface the skin to reveal radiant, younger-looking skin.

he Microlaser Peel is a rejuvenating and resurfacing treatment, that promotes the formation of collagen and elastin. This laser-assisted peel can be catered to your unique skin type and concerns. Our technician will use an Erbium laser, carefully and precisely controlling the heat of the laser to remove the top layer of your complexion.

As we age our natural exfoliation process slows down. To gain healthy, glowing skin we must remove the dead skin cells to reveal the untouched skin underneath. The Erbium MicroLaser Peel is stronger than microdermabrasion, but less aggressive than laser resurfacing.


What are the


This minimally invasive skin resurfacing technique, requires limited downtime and leaves you with improved skin texture, color and tone to give you a youthful restored look. This technique meticulously removes the outermost skin layers to correct: wrinkles, keratoses, pigmentation issues, and dull-appearing skin.

What to expect


Prior to your treatment, your technician will cleanse the skin and apply numbing cream. During the treatment, you’ll feel a warming sensation as precise laser heat will be applied to targeted areas. Most patients experience slight discomfort but the discomfort is tolerated well.

What to expect


The patient will notice a change in their skin almost immediately after the treatment — skin may appear smoother, tighter and more vibrant. Following the treatment, your skin may have some redness and peeling which will last between two – four days depending on the sensitivity of your skin.


How long will it take to recover?

Healing time will depend on the strength of the treatment. Healing time can last between 7-14 days. 

Are there any special precautons I will need to take after my Microlaser Peel

Following your treatment, your technician will provide you with detailed post-care instructions. After treatment, you must avoid sun exposure and tanning for 1 month.

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