laser resurfacing

Melt away dry, dull, congested skin to reveal a flawless complexion underneath.

magine all your skin concerns melting away to reveal a new layer of healthy, glowing skin. Skin can be damaged by a variety of things; sun exposure, hormonal changes, smoking and poor diet all impact our skin’s health. You deserve to feel good about your skin – that’s why we offer a variety of laser skin resurfacing treatments.

Laser resurfacing delivers heat into the skin to help reduce the appearance of:

  • Spider veins
  • Stretch marks
  • Dull complexions
  • Fine lines / wrinkles
  • Sun damage
  • Age spots
  • Scarring


What to expect


After your skin is cleansed, your technician will be apply the laser heat to the skin. Patients will feel a mild prickling or burning sensation.

What to expect


Following treatment, it's important to avoid sun exposure and refrain from exercising for 48 hours. It is normal for skin to feel "sunburnt." Redness typically subsides within 48-72 hours. Swelling following treatment is normal and should subside within 48-72 hours. Skin will feel itchy, then start peeling. Your technician will provide detailed care instructions to ensure we obtain maximum results.


What are the different types of laser resurfacing?

At True Balance, we offer:


  • Non-ablative Laser Resurfacing: Non-Ablative lasers deliver heat deep into the dermal layers of the skin, while keeping the epidermis unharmed. This heat tightens the skin and stimulates collagen production which can lead to healthier, younger looking skin. This approach requires shorter healing period and only the treated area is affected.


  • Fractional Laser Resurfacing:  Fractional Resurfacing stimulates the healing process and helps produce healthy, new tissue. This innovative long-pulse laser emits high-energy microbeams and is effective in the treatment of: pigmented spots, melasma, stretch marks, facial wrinkles, sun spots, and acne scars.


  • Profractional Laser Resurfacing: Profractional Laser Therapy provides you with instant results by penetrating the deep layer of your skin and creating thousands of microscopic channels, which stimulates the production of new collagen. Profractional laser therapy can improve skin’s tone and texture, reduce the appearance of pigmentation and even out your complexion.

We recommend coming in for a complimentary consultation to determine which treatment is right for you. 

Why laser skin resurfacing?

Whether its wrinkles, dark spots, spider veins, sun damage or acne, if you’re struggling with the appearance of your skin, it’s hard to feel your best. Our laser treatments do much more than just improve the appearance of your skin — they help restore your confidence to get you glowing from the inside out. Laser resurfacing can be customized to your unique skin and concerns. 

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