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Anyone who has dealt with redness or rosacea knows how frustrating it can be. Being constantly asked if you are warm or embarrassed (when you aren’t) can make you feel insecure. When you’re dealing with uncomfortable redness or rosacea, it’s important to ensure you are using the right skin care products and treating your skin gently to combat these issues.


The common symptoms of rosacea are facial redness, patchy dryness and bumps. This skin condition is most commonly found in those with light skin and manifests itself in the middle of the face in the centre of the forehead or around the nose. 

Check out True Balance’s top 5 tips to soothe and prevent rosacea:

    1. Know your triggers – Our skin is already sensitive, but if you are dealing with rosacea you most likely have certain triggers that cause this condition to flare up. Pay attention to what seems to cause flare-ups to help you learn what you need to avoid.
    2. Use SPF- UV rays are damaging enough to our skin on their own, but for many people with rosacea sunlight can further irritate skin. Make sure your skin is protected with a broad-spectrum, high-quality sunscreen.
    3. Use a gentle touch – Avoid aggressively rubbing or pulling your skin! Gently use your fingers to apply products or wash your face.
    4. Moisturize, Moisturize, Moisturize – Moisturizing your skin can help to soothe the skin and ease irritation; but it is necessary to choose the right product. Avoid alcohol-based lotions that could dry out your skin.
    5. Choose makeup carefully – While you might opt for makeup to hide your rosacea, it’s important to avoid cosmetics with harmful ingredients that could make your condition worse. We recommend using mineral makeup, which has simpler formulas that won’t react with your skin. 

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