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he human body produces hormones that keep men healthy as they age. Everyone is vulnerable to hormonal imbalance, and sadly as we get older this frustration becomes inevitable. Modern medicine now has given us a chance to provide relief to the unwanted symptoms of hormonal imbalance. Identifying a hormonal imbalance can be difficult and many men dismiss the changes in their body as a side effect of stress or aging. Hormone replacement therapy can treat the cause of these symptoms, to help men add more life to their years.

For some men the aging process is not a problem. For others, the decline in hormone production negatively impacts their quality of life – this is especially prominent in shift workers.



Traditional hormone replacement therapy uses synthetic hormones - bioidentical hormones are chemically identical to the hormones our body naturally produces.

What is


In men, testosterone is a very powerful anti-inflammatory that works directly on DNA. Generally, testosterone’s main function in the body is to promote growth of new cells, including muscle growth and bone density. Men’s endocrine systems are designed to encounter and interact with testosterone and show very few side effects. Higher levels of testosterone seen in most young men can explain the plethora of energy and virility men experience in their twenties.

How do hormone imbalances affect

Shift workers

Studies have shown that sleep in shift workers is typically shortened or displaced. This sleep disturbance affects the bodies circadian rhythm which impacts the production and regulation of several important hormones. This imbalance affects each individual differently. Unfortunately, when your hormone levels are imbalanced many experience negative, unwanted side effects and a decreased quality of life.


Can I get bioidentical hormones from my family doctor?

No, your family doctor may be able to prescribe a form of hormone replacement therapy. However; if you're seeking bioidentical hormone replacement therapy you will need to visit a clinic that specializes in this form of hormone replacement therapy. 

Why do hormone levels change overtime?

As we age, our body goes through a variety of changes. Men experience an average 1% drop in testosterone levels beginning at age 30. This can be because some target tissues become less sensitive to their controlling hormone. With this, the production of certain hormones may decline due to the slowing of the bodies processes. 

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