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When you’re young, your skin seems to defy gravity. Thanks to abundant collagen production, youthful skin is tight, toned and able to spring back from countless smiles, frowns and squints. As we get older, our natural production of collagen decreases, causing wrinkles, sagging jowls and drooping eyelids.

Fortunately, True Balance Longevity Med Spa offers both Thermage and Titan skin tightening treatments to stimulate your collagen production and provide you with the youthful, elastic skin you desire without the need for costly and invasive surgery.

To find out more about the skin tightening benefits of Titan and Thermage therapy, or our laser skin services, please contact us today by calling us in Sherwood Park (780-464-4506), St. Albert (587-290-2290) or Spruce Grove (780-962-3262), Alberta.

Thermage® Skin Tightening Therapy

Thermage is a non-surgical skin tightening system that uses advanced radio frequency (RF) technology to heat deeper layers of skin safely and effectively. This causes collagen to tighten and contract while also stimulating existing collagen and promoting the growth of new collagen.

Thermage was the first skin-tightening treatment to receive FDA approval. Through its patented technology, Thermage treatment can help you achieve:

  • Tighter, smoother skin
  • Diminished appearance of fine lines and wrinkles around the forehead, eyes and mouth
  • Tightening of sagging skin beneath the chin
  • Redefined contours beneath the chin and along the jawline

Thermage treatment is safe and effective with little downtime. It gently lifts your skin with no incisions, stitches or downtime. The procedure does use heat to tighten collagen and promote new collagen growth. Your laser technician will find a heat level that you can tolerate to make your procedure as comfortable as possible.

How Much Does Thermage Therapy Cost?

Thermage skin tightening treatment is available at each of our locations in Sherwood Park, Spruce Grove and St. Albert. Treatment costs include:

  • Face by Thermage – Tightens sagging jowls and skin under the chin while contouring the jaw line cheeks and forehead.
  • Eyes by Thermage – Reduces hooding, improves smoothness and texture, and softens fine lines and wrinkles around the eyes and crow’s feet.
  • Full face and eyes – Enjoy the benefits of both the Face by Thermage and Eyes by Thermage treatments.
  • Body by Thermage – Tightens the loose and sagging skin on arms, tummy or thighs.

Titan™ Skin Tightening Treatment

Titan uses a safe, infrared light to both stimulate new collagen growth in the deepest layer of the skin while contracting and tightening existing collagen. The contraction of collagen as well as the new collagen growth results in decreased skin laxity and wrinkles. During your Titan treatment, continuous cooling protects the surface of your skin.

The Titan system:

  • Penetrates the deeper layers of skin to address the visible signs of aging at the source
  • Tightens existing collagen to provide a natural lifting effect to the skin
  • Targets underlying tissues without removing or damaging the surface of the skin
  • Stimulate your skin’s natural healing response for sustainable, continuous improvements

During your consultation with one of our skilled skin experts, we will evaluate your condition and explain all of your options, which may include laser skin therapy, aesthetic injectables, or chemical peels.

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