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Supplements for Stress
At True Balance we strive to give you greater insight into the damaging effects of chronic stress, to encourage you to make necessary lifestyle changes. However, we also understand that many of these stressful situations require long term solutions. These supplements are intended to help reduce the effects of stress on your body, while you work to reduce the stress in your life.

DHEA is produced by the adrenal glands and is the natural balancer for Cortisol. Cortisol is produced to manage stress and unsurprisingly rises as we age, although chronic elevations of this stress hormone actually damage important brain memory centers.

Important actions of DHEA include:

      • Protection of brain function
      • Boosts immune function
      • Improved bone density

Unfortunately, DHEA gradually declines as we age. This means that by the time we reach the age of 80 levels are almost unmeasurable. Most BHRT programs include a modest dose of DHEA, adequate to restore levels to those seen in a 25 year old.

Recommended Standard Dose:

          • DHEA is a prescription medication
            Check out other hormones section for more information regarding DHEA treatment.

True Calm
True Calm has a blend of time proven, effective herbal adaptogens that reduce the body’s response to elevated Cortisol. These herbs are safe and very powerful in blunting the stress response and its damage to your body.

Recommended Standard Dose:

              • can be used as needed, does not need to be used daily
              • starting dose of 2 pills, as needed to a maximum of 2 pills/3 times per day

Vitamin C
Vitamin C is a very powerful part of the anti-oxidant chain, intended to prevent free radical damage. It is also directly involved in the production of cortisol in your adrenals, as well as many other health benefits such as:

      • boosting your immune system
      • improving brain function
      • protecting from free radical damage
      • support in adrenal gland recovery

Recommended Standard Dose:

        • 1000mg, twice a day

For more recommendations and information on ways you can manage your stress check out our Stress Program.