Men’s Questions

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I was prescribed testosterone cream and told to apply it in morning. Can I switch to evening application, as it is more convenient?

Evening application could cause transference of your Testosterone to your partner. Women require only 1/10 the amount of testosterone as men and can suffer a ‘testosterone over dosage. We recommend using the testosterone cream in the morning to avoid this complication.

I am planning on having children in the near future, is there any concern with using Testosterone?

In this situation, we would likely prescribe HCG injections.  The Purpose of HCG Injections is the stimulation of the male testes to increase their natural production of testosterone.  This method has less affect on sperm production and is recommended for those trying to conceive or wishing to father a child in the future.

I am currently using HCG injections but am not achieving optimal levels.  What is the next step?

Testosterone cream or injections can be added to HCG use to increase levels if we are unable to get there with HCG use alone.  HCG use will continue to keep the testes working.

I am noticing testicular shrinkage with Testosterone use?  Are there any other options?

HCG injections can be added to your regime.  HCG stimulates the testes to make their own Testosterone, this in turn can reduce shrinkage.

I used one prescription of the Arimidex (Anastrozole), do I need to refill this prescription?

Majority men need this estrogen blocker while they are on Testosterone treatment.  If you stop using this medication, your body will convert the Testosterone to Estrogen.  This is not ideal.  Increased Estrogen can lead to low Testosterone symptoms as well as prostate issues.

I have heard that a recent study proved that Testosterone treatment can lead to heart disease.  Is this true?

All of the studies that have been done correctly, have indicated the opposite, that Testosterone treatment will reduce your risk of Heart disease.

Here is a link to a more recent article on the matter.  Why the FDA is Wrong about Testosterone

I am finding that I am still having issues with erections, although I am told my levels are optimal.  Are there any further suggestions?

Most men will find relief in this area, but there is still a percentage of men that may need additional prescriptions.  There is no issue with Viagra or Cialis use with the Testosterone treatment.  Please talk to your doctor and coach at your next appointment and we would be happy to discuss options.

I don’t seem to be absorbing the Testosterone cream, as I’m not seeing much improvement to symptoms as well as blood levels.  What would the next step be?

For those who are unable to absorb well with Testosterone cream, Testosterone injections are also available.

  • Intramuscular injections (IM) are most commonly known. These are injected into the thigh, bicep or buttock muscles. These injections are generally recommended to be done once a week. The pharmacy will provide needles and a short instruction.
  • Subcutaneous injections (SC) are lesser known, but are becoming more popular. These can be effective for those that are uncomfortable with the Intramuscular injections. These are injected into the belly fat or into the thigh, between muscle and skin. These injections are recommended to be done twice a week. The pharmacy will provide needles and a short instruction.

With these methods of Testosterone use, bloodwork is recommended to be done, midway between injections.

I buy vitamins and omega 3’s from Costco as they are less costly. What is the difference in the vitamins sold at True Balance?
All of the vitamins and supplements sold at True Balance are of high quality and are made by reputable companies that hold quality of their products first and foremost. These supplements and vitamins are pure and subject to third party testing for potency and contamination. In the supplement world the old saying ‘You get what you pay for’ truly applies. True Balance our omegas 3’s are certified to be mercury and dioxin free and are of guaranteed potency. They have achieved the ‘5 star’ rating by the International Fish Oil Society. This rating applies to only a handful of omega 3 products. Our multivitamin rated in the top two vitamins available in North America, as decided by Comparative Guide to Nutritional Supplements.

I take anti-depressants/cholesterol pills/diabetes meds prescribed by my physician. Should I stop taking them? Will the BHRT affect their function?
The products prescribed by your BHRT practitioner will not interfere with your conventional medications. Over time, you may be able to taper some of these medications as your health improves. This should only be in conjunction with your family physician.

My family doctor has called and said that according to my bloodwork results I am taking too much thyroid medication?    1) Did you remember not to take your medications the morning of the bloodwork? It is common for patients to remember the bloodwork instructions when they are doing our bloodwork, but not think about it when they are doing bloodwork for their family doctor. Taking your medication that morning will result in blood levels being above normal range. 2) Is your family doctor just looking at TSH? We do not put much value in the TSH level and focus on the Free hormones and Basal Body Temperature (BBT). We also know that to optimize those levels your TSH will be suppressed. 3) Do you have any high thyroid symptoms; heart palpitations, shakiness, or anxiety? If any of these symptoms exist, then you should decrease your dose by 30mg of Desiccated thyroid per day.

How long is it safe to stay on the hormone treatment? Most people seek BHRT to reduce the troublesome symptoms of the menopause or andropause (male menopause). BHRT is very effective at relieving symptoms; however, this relief often lasts only as long as the hormones are used. Conventional HRT in women uses agents that have been shown to increase the risk of breast cancer after 5 years of use. This has led to the concept of 5 years of HRT and then stop. The exciting aspect of BHRT is the suggestion that it can relieve symptoms and reduce the risk of breast cancer. True Balance will be instrumental over the next 5 years in proving this through an ethics approved study.

While patients seek BHRT for symptom relief, BHRT practitioners have additional targets for their therapy. BHRT reduces inflammation, increases muscle mass and bone density. As well, BHRT improves mental function and memory. BHRT appears to give all these benefits and reduce the chance of breast cancer while it also very effectively treats the symptoms that drove the patient to our office in the first place. It is the old ‘win-win’ situation and the reason that we do not place a time limit on the use of BHRT at this time.