Costs and Fees

Medical Aesthetics & Laser Spa Serving Sherwood Park, Spruce Grove, St. Albert & Nearby Edmonton, Alberta

What are the fees of Consultation?
Consultation Fees:

      • Initial Consultation – $350 ($100 deposit with balance due at appointment)
      • Mid Year Follow-up appointment – $175 (within 10 months of last appointment
      • Yearly Re-check – $350 (includes 1 mid year review by phone)

Vitamins, dietary supplements and reading materials are sold separately.
Cancellation policy – 48hr prior notice is required for any booked appointment cancellation, otherwise No Show Fee of $100 is applicable.

Note: Prices listed are subject to change without notification.

Why is my visit not covered by Alberta Heath Care?
You will notice that significant effort is devoted to your education while in the clinic. One of the reasons that many explore BHRT is to have someone look at their health from a different perspective. Your practitioner has invested significant time, energy and money into their BHRT education. Courses are only held in the United States at this time, and are expensive. BHRT consultations are time-consuming and cover a lot of detail. Our fee structure has evolved to allow our practitioners reasonable compensation for the time spent with you.

Will my prescriptions and appointments be covered by my benefit plan?
All benefit plans vary in what they cover. Most of the prescriptions are covered as they are prescribed by a medical doctor. Some benefit plans do not cover compounded prescriptions. Any of the compounded prescriptions are paid for at the pharmacy and then receipts are submitted for reimbursement. As for the appointments, they can be claimed under a health spending account, but otherwise, they are generally not covered. Because they are medical appointments, you can claim them on your income tax return as medical expenses.

What will be the cost of my prescriptions?
This is a very difficult question as everyone’s program will look a little different, but here is an approximate cost breakdown of each prescription for a month.

Medication Dosage Approximate Cost per Month *
Prometrium 2 caps per day $85
Compounded Progesterone 2 caps at bedtime $55
BIEST with Testosterone 1 click per day $25
Progesterone cream 2 clicks per day $35
Testosterone cream 3 clicks per day $65
Testosterone injection 1mL per week $35
Desiccated thyroid 60mg twice a day $10
DHEA 1 pill per day $35
Arimidex 1 pill per week $15

*Please be aware that these are just approximations. Costs change with dosage, and are subject to change at any time by the pharmacies.

How many follow up visits do I have to come for?
As the clinic has evolved, our treatment programs have become more efficient. Typically, 2-3 follow up appointments are required to re-establish your hormone balance. Once balance is achieved, a yearly recheck is required to keep prescriptions active although this varies for each individual and their symptoms.

One of the main purposes of rechecks is to assist with education. Many people have spent years being told that their tests are ‘good’ and their symptoms are ‘in their head’. The extension of this is that many have learned to ‘shutdown’ or disregard the messages their body is sending them. Our experience at True Balance is that it takes time to reacquaint ourselves with these symptoms. We can teach ourselves to interpret these symptoms and use them as a guide to imbalance. It is our goal to give each patient the education and tools to make small changes in their program to accomplish improved quality of life.