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As we age, Insulin and Cortisol are really the only two hormones that rise and as they do they contribute to a deterioration in our health.

The standard North American(SAD) diet is heavily balanced towards simple carbohydrates, high in calories and low in nutrients. Over time this unbalanced nutrition contributes to a gradual gain in weight of about 2-3 pounds per year. Fat cells grow larger as we store extra calories. Bigger fat cells means that insulin receptors on the cell surface are spread further apart, making it harder for insulin to do its job. The body copes by producing more insulin to get the job done. This insulin rise favours further calorie storage, and adds more weight gain and on goes the vicious circle.

High insulin levels contribute to elevated triglyceride’s, increased inflammation in the body and eventually left unchecked leads to Metabolic Syndrome and accelerated heart disease with fatty liver.

A diet with reduced simple carbohydrates, protein and healthy fat content helps:

      • Restore insulin sensitivity
      • Contribute to gradual weight loss

Simple carbs are replaced with complex plant carbohydrates; mainly brightly colored vegetables grown above the ground. Regular exercise with both a cardio component that elevates resting heart rate into the ‘target zone’ along with weight or resistance exercise, greatly benefits dietary program change.

If your fasting insulin and glucose levels are elevated, it is important to focus on lifestyle changes and dietary suggestions. Weight loss is one way to reduce damaging elevations of glucose and insulin.

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