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As we age only 2 hormones increase in the body, insulin and Cortisol. Both of these hormones cause damaging effects to the body as they rise. Chronic elevation in Cortisol damages the body in a number of ways including:

      • Impaired memory via hippocampal neuron damage
      • Reduced muscle mass
      • Interference with sex hormone action

Cholesterol is a basic building block in the structure of many different hormones within the body. For example when, the body experiences stress the adrenal glands use cholesterol to manufacture Cortisol producing elevated blood levels. Cholesterol is also used as the basic building block for the body’s sex hormones. This common structure means Cortisol and the sex hormones share a very similar framework.


This similar arrangement means that if Cortisol is elevated as in chronic stress, it can attach to the sex hormone’s receptors. Although, able to attach itself Cortisol is unable to activate these receptors. If Cortisol is already at the receptor this means the sex hormone cannot open the lock and produce its effect. This blocking action of Cortisol is why elevated stress can produce symptoms of sex hormone deficiency, even with normal levels in circulation.

Much of the elevated Cortisol seen with the aging process is due to daily stress. Our bodies developed a stress response system that was designed for short term crises. Unfortunately, modern day life has a host of chronic stressors, many of which are beyond our control. These stressors may include:

        • financial concerns
        • relationship disagreements
        • work stressors—type of work, staff relationships and industry concerns
        • family dysfunction

At True Balance we strive to give you greater insight into the damaging effects of chronic stress and provide simple strategies you can use to reduce these stressors. Many of these stressful situations require long term solutions.

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