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Regular physical exercise is one way to encourage and improve brain health. To maximize mental acuity it is important to keep active both mentally and physically!

All of us know how important energy is for us on a day to day basis. Having the energy to carry out normal daily tasks is essential for our sense of well-being. The same is true of our cells, they also require energy to allow proper functioning. When our cells lack energy cell dysfunction follows. Indeed, many of the diseases we see as we age seem to be a result of declining cellular energy production. This is especially prevalent in the brain and components of the nervous system, as we see in some common diseases such as:

      • Alzheimer’s Disease
      • Parkinson’s Disease
      • Vestibular (inner ear or balance) Syndromes
      • Dementia

This essential energy production in our body comes from mitochondria, tiny fascinating organelles within each of our cells. These mitochondria act as the power-plants of our cells providing energy. We have 10 trillion cells in our body and each cell has hundreds to thousands of these mitochondrial power-plants. Cells that use lots of energy like liver and heart cells, have even more mitochondria! Mitochondria come from ancient bacteria engulfed by other cells long ago. These mitochondria managed to survive inside of these ancient cells creating the perfect symbiosis. The mitochondria produce energy for the cell to use and in return they were given protection inside the cell.

With time these tiny power-plants start to become run-down and damaged. This damage means that as our food is converted into usable energy we get an ‘electron leakage’ and overall energy production in the cell declines as we age. This lack of available energy produces cell dysfunction and subsequently illness.

In order to assist these tiny cellular power-plants it is important that we supply them with the proper fuel sources. Phytonutrients are the source of fuel our mitochondria use most efficiently. These phytonutrients come mainly from foods that are brightly colored and grown above ground. There is a whole spectrum of foods which when eaten in balance allow for optimum functioning of our mitochondria.

Included here is a mitochondrial food guide and diet plan from the Institute of Functional Medicine designed specifically to help increase energy production.

Also take a look at out our supplement program specifically designed to assist enhanced mitochondrial energy production.