Brain Health

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Regular physical exercise is one way to encourage and improve brain health. To maximize mental acuity it is important to keep active both mentally and physically!

It can be helpful to think of our brain as the ‘main switchboard’ in a telephone network. In this network our neurons can be thought of as the telephone wires that carry messages back to the switchboard to be processed. In order to relay signals these telephone wires or neurons must make connections with one another. The main telephone lines or neural pathways are established early on but just as there are always wires being added or removed as the layout of the city expands and changes; the same is true for our neural pathways and connections in the brain. In fact it has been shown that through physical exercise of sufficient intensity we can actually encourage the development of new neural connections. Exercise increases levels of something called Brain Derived Neurotrophic Factor (BDNF) which supports:

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Perhaps, even more important than physical exercise is the effect of regular mental exercise on the brain. What if we told you that the brain actually has the ability to develop and improve function as we age? And, that all you need to do is exercise it. You probably wouldn’t believe it…but it’s true!


This mental workout comes in the form of new learning and intellectual challenges. Our brains’ plasticity is why it is so important to keep mentally active and continue to learn your entire life. With this in mind, the concept of retirement should be looked at as a new phase of life with new focuses and activities.

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    • repair mechanisms
    • increases the number of neurons or ‘telephones wires’
    • increases connections among the pre-existing neurons