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This is the catch all term that encompasses all of the factors you have put together in the form of your present life. This includes:

Each one of these areas has a significant contribution to your feeling of wellbeing. As you know all of these are moving pieces and are in complete flux as life moves along and to complicate things a little more each one is interdependent on all of the others. It is arranged much like a spider web—any change in one of these elements reverberates around the entire network of your metabolism. This complexity is why we chose True Balance as the name of our company. Life is a series of choices in these areas and how we feel is a consequence of the balance or lack of balance between these moving parts. We trust that the better the information provided, the better a person’s choices can be.

Many of the patients we see feel that their lifestyle choices are limited by external factors that they do not control. Nothing could be farther from the truth. It is just easy to say we have no control and avoid the fact that we have complete accountability for our choices. Each one of us creates our present health situation as a result of the choices we make today. Conscious choices with good information allow us to gradually change the composition of our life as it relates to lifestyle. Some of the choices we have but may not choose to be accountable for include exercise, nutrition, sleep and attention we give to our personal and professional relationships. We believe our role is to guide and support you in making gradual changes to your lifestyle. Gradual changes implemented over time can result in dramatic transformations.

Let’s use the analogy of your health and lifestyle being a cruise ship. If, at present, your ship is heading somewhere undesirable, such as Antarctica, changes should be made. With a ship, small changes in course over time are expressed by significant changes in destination. This means the ship headed to icy waters can end up in Tahiti. The same is true of a person’s lifestyle changes, when allowed to accumulate over time healthy lifestyle choices become habits. These new habits have the power to transform a life and the quality of that life.

This is what we are all about here at True Balance and we’d like to explore each of these areas with you in more detail.

    • Stress
    • Nutrition
    • Brain health
    • Detoxification
    • Exercise
    • Sleep