Men’s Health

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Mature Man Suffering From Depression At HomeTestosterone replacement therapy (TRT) for men is another one of True Balance’s specialties. We have refined our systems and have accumulated significant experience in the area of TRT and are one of the true leaders in Canada.

Testosterone in men is a very powerful anti-inflammatory that works directly on DNA. Men’s cells are meant to encounter and interact with testosterone and so show a very low side effect profile. Higher levels of testosterone seen in most young men explain the abundance of health men experience in their twenties. Characteristics of an optimized testosterone level include:

      • Balanced mood
      • Clear thinking/memory
      • Body Composition equal to effort with exercise
      • Healthy heart function
      • Low inflammation
      • Good energy levels
      • Healthy libido and erections

Chronic diseases related to aging can rob men of their vitality and life enjoyment. Recent advanced health research focuses on increasing ‘health span’ instead of just length of life. Up to now our lifespan has been increasingby 1 year, every 4 years. This sounds great, although, there are some underlying problems. Taking a closer look, we see that while we are living longer there is also an epidemic in chronic diseases such as heart disease, diabetes, arthritis and Alzheimer’s disease.

Men we talk to are really only interested in more years of life if they are accompanied by quality of life. Which to us means:

      • being able to live in your own home unassisted
      • able to remember who you, and your loved ones are

Most people agree with this definition and so it is our focus at True Balance. Not only adding more years to your life, but also more life to your years!

Here is the Link to the YouTube about Men’s treatment if you are interested.