monalisa touch

Designed to treat the painful symptoms that affect post-menopausal women and restore normal vaginal lubrication.

he MonaLisa Touch was designed to treat the painful symptoms that affect post-menopausal woman and restore normal vaginal lubrication.

Living in pain is not fun — when this pain gets in the way of intimacy and makes you more susceptible to urinary problems it can be extremely frustrating. During treatment, a vaginal probe is used to deliver gentle fractional CO2 laser energy to the vagina wall. The energy from the laser targets the vagina wall and painlessly reactivates the proper functions of the urinary and reproductive systems by triggering the production of new collagen. The laser used is gentle but effective. This non-surgical procedure requires no anesthesia and can provide relief after just one treatment. 


What are the


The MonaLisa Touch can help treat: internal vaginal tissue health, strengthens pelvic floor, corrects vaginal dryness, and improves sexual function.

What to expect


A wand will be placed into the vaginal canal during the treatment. A “snapping” sound will be heard and you may feel mild vaginal heat. The treatment will last around 15 minutes.

What to expect


MonaLisa Touch requires no downtime and daily activities can be resumed immediately following the treatment, sexual intimacy can resume within 72 hours. Most women experience no side effects, but some may have slight spotting, tenderness or itching. Consult with your service provider to decide the best femine rejuvenation option for you.


Who's a good candidate?

Woman with concerns about vaginal dryness, weak pelvic floors, and decreased sexual function.

What are the side effects?

MonaLisa touch is well tolerated among most patients - please consult your service provider for a full list of potential side effects.

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