Laser Genesis Treatment

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What is Laser Genesis?

Laser Genesis Skin Therapy uses advanced science to achieve vibrant, even skin tone and smooth texture in both men and women without any downtime. Dubbed the “red carpet laser,” Laser Genesis penetrates deeply into the skin where collagen is manufactured, stimulating increased production. Unlike more invasive laser technologies, this is accomplished without destroying the upper layers of skin (non-ablative). The Laser Genesis procedure safely, discretely and effectively treats scars, uneven textures, fine line wrinkles and large pores.

True Balance clients will experience a gradual warming sensation similar to the feeling of having had the sun on your face for while. At the deepest levels your face becomes warmed leading to the sensation of a more elastic, brighter, glow in one’s complexion. The result is skin with smoother texture and a healthier appearance without the unwanted side effects of bruising or excessive skin irritation and all without the hassle of topical anesthetics.

Are there any side effects?

Most patients experience a slight redness which then disappears within a few hours of treatment.

What can I expect from the procedure? Is it painful?

Because the Genesis is a non-ablative (does not wound the surface of the skin) procedure, it is not painful at all. Most patients describe the procedure as a mild warming sensation that comes over the surface of the skin as the hand piece passes over the treatment area ½” above the skin. Anesthetics are not needed. Immediately following the treatment, the warming sensation continues for about thirty minutes. Many patients report a pleasant mild tingling feeling and a sense of increased firmness for a day following the treatment.

How does Genesis work?

By gradually heating up the dermal layer below the skin’s surface the Genesis stimulates the production of new collagen. The process of heating the dermal layer also acts to reduce redness in dilated capillaries as well as reduce large pores and imperfections giving you that smoother more even-toned complexion you are wanting.

How many treatments does it take?

Although every patient is different, generally between four and six sessions are recommended before the desired effect is achieved.

How long until I can return to normal activities?

You may return to normal activities immediately following your Laser Genesis treatment. True Balance patients will experience a healthy, rosy glow following their treatment. Post-treatment care instructions simply include the use of sunscreen as well as consuming plenty of water. This is truly a rejuvenation procedure with no social downtime.

How long will my Laser Genesis results last?

One of the greatest advantages of Laser Genesis is that the results continue to accumulate after each treatment and continue far beyond your last treatment. In fact, accelerated collagen production continues following Laser Genesis, peaking at about 12 weeks after your last treatment, then continuing at a steady increased rate.

Because the natural aging process is of course continuing, it is difficult to state precisely how long results will last, but benefits seem apparent for several years. Sun protection and attention to skin care are necessary to maintain optimal results. In the case of acne scarring and rosacea, it is necessary to control the underlying condition in order to avoid further skin disruption.

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