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A revolutionary treatment for UI that's pain free, with no downtime needed - reduce vaginal laxity while treating incontinence.

he BTL EMSELLA, is a revolutionary treatment for UI that is pain free, with absolutely no downtime needed — you can walk into the clinic and out with no side effects. Modelled after a chair, this treatment allows you to remain fully clothed so you can be as comfortable as possible. BTL EMSELLA helps to reduce vaginal laxity while treating incontinence.

Let’s start with the obvious: a leaky bladder is both uncomfortable and inconvenient. Urinary incontinence (UI) is much more common than you think, but luckily the BTL Emsella is now a comfortable, non-invasive solution.

BTL EMSELLA uses HIFEM (High-intensity focused electromagnetic) technology to stimulate all parts of the pelvic floor – in 28 minutes the pelvic floor muscles will contract over 10,000 times. 

The BTL EMSELLA treats the entire pelvic floor, while allowing patients to feel comfortable. A recent clinical study found that 95% of patients who underwent all six treatments reported improvement in their quality of life. 


What to expect


The BTL Emsella was designed to make sure you are as comfortable as possible. You remain fully clothed and sit down in the BTL Emsella Chair as the pelvic floor is stimulated. During the treatment you can expect to feel a warm, tingling sensation along with vibrations.

What to expect


Following the treatment no downtime is required.


Are maintenance treatments requierd to maintain my results?

Yes, it is recommended to do a maintenance treatment 1 - 2 times a year, depending on your condition. 

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