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Body Code combines the modern technology of therapeutic magnets and some ancient principles of Chinese Medicine.

hen we stuff down our emotions and avoid dealing with them, our bodies can suffer and become imbalanced. When these emotions are trapped long enough, the negative vibrations negatively affect our tissues. The Body Code can release those trapped emotions which results in the disappearance of physical problems, self-sabotage, and recurring relationship difficulties. To release or correct an energetic imbalance, The Body Code combines the modern technology of therapeutic magnets and some ancient principles of Chinese Medicine.

Our body has the innate ability to heal itself from all kinds of trauma, stress, and illness. For this self-healing to occur, your body must be balanced. Every kind of imbalance that is affecting your body and resulting in health issues, can be found in The Body Code. Your certified practitioner has been trained to identify and remove each imbalance to restore the conditions needed for healing. 

Body Code

Six key areas of health

Energies: During stressful emotional events or trauma, our body may trap damaged emotional and mental energies. We use a simple yet powerful energy work to remove these. 

Circuitry: This includes the balancing of energy systems within the body. This includes the chakras, acupuncture meridians, the connection of spiritual and physical body, and energy circuits of the glands and organs.

Toxicity: Using The Body Code, we can identify and address toxic agent that do not show up on medical tests, and also those that do. This includes: heavy metals, free radicals, chemical, and other environmental toxins.

Pathogens: We can easily identify destructive and often elusive infections and determine remedies needed to reuse them. This can include: fungal, bacterial, viral, mold, and parasites.

Structural:  Imbalance in the organs, bones, connective tissue, nerves and muscles can be treated non-invasively to restore stability to the physically body.

Nutritional: Nutritional imbalance can include nutrient deficiency, dehydration, magnetic field deficiency, or a need for a healing herb or food.

How does it


Your subconscious mind is a computer system for your body. It knows what is needed to achieve balance in the six key areas of health. Our certified practitioners will use specific questioning, charts, and muscle testing to get precise answers from your subconscious about imbalances in your body.

Magnetic Energy acts as a powerful carrier for your practitioner’s intention to release or correct the imbalance in your body. When that magnified intention energy is placed into your body via a major energy channel, it flows through the entire body instantly and either releases the negative energy or restores balance to your body’s energy circuit.

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