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Posted: April 13, 2020

Dear Readers:

The last few days are very direct evidence of just how fast our world is changing. As you are aware, I wrote a controversial article on Saturday about the impact of all people wearing face masks was having on Covid-19 transmission rates in the Czech Republic. In mid-March the government passeda law making it illegal to be out in public with out a face mask. This was in response to continued viral community spread despite social distancing, proper hand washing hygiene and social distancing. I believe that is where we are right now in Canada. The general Czech population responded to this law in an incredible community based effort. They established a #Masks4All campaign and produced enough masks for the whole population in a very short time frame. There is now evidence this approach is 'flattening the curve' in their country and that their rate of community spread is falling. This is not being seen here in Alberta or in the rest of the world at this time.

Their motto has become 'your mask protects me, and my mask protects you'. I have attached an article from USA Today that speaks to the success of this approach. I received an overwhelming response to my request to mobilize for the production of homemade masks. Coincidentally, the CDC in America and Dr. Hinshaw in Alberta, changed position on the use of masks in the general population later that afternoon. Both of these health sources are now advocating the use of masks. Initial reluctance to promote masks was based on fears of loss of masks for the health care industry. These concerns were valid. Medical masks should not be used by the public. Medical masks should be saved for our health care heroes, who place themselves and their families at risk to provide care to all of us. There continue to be reports of medical grade mask and eye protection equipment shortages. Save them for our healthcare workers!

I believe homemade masks are something that each one of us can do to help flatten the curve. We are at war and need to provide our health workers with all our available support. I like to think of our nations actions in addition to our troops during WWII, that were enacted to ensure victory in that war. If each one of us does our utmost in the areas under our control, we will move towards a solution to this crisis more quickly and get people back to work faster. Please keep in mind that: 

1. Social isolation is the best practice. Masks should not be used to justify non-essential trips into the public.
2. Homemade masks are preferable to true medical masks. Medical masks should be reserved for the brave healthcare workers putting themselves in harms way.
3. Masks are used with the intent to prevent asymptomatic carriers from spreading the virus. They are not adequate protection against infection andshould NOT be substituted for social isolation and distancing. If you are sick.... STAY HOME!!
4. A homemade mask is only good for one trip out in public and should be machine washed after that use. A dirty mask is worse than no mask. 

We now have over 60 volunteers who can sew homemade masks. The response has overwhelmed me and has required a change in strategy. This mask movement will only work if we use tightly woven materials at home like (freshly washed) old cotton and flannel bed sheets that have been sitting in the closet for years. What better way for them to serve a purpose. We encourage those who have the talent to make masks to share them with friends, family andmembers of your local community. Directions will be coming out on how to connect supplies with our capable volunteers.

+  Homemade Mask Sewing Pattern #1 
+  Homemade Mask Sewing Pattern #2 
 Homemade Mask Video Tutorial 
No-Sew Mask Video Tutorial 

More direct scientific evidence is accumulating to support the strategies I suggested to you 2 weeks ago to reduce your health risk from the virus. I have attached an article that contains 157 scientific articles of support for the use of Vitamin D. While it is not peer reviewed, the sheer number of peer reviewedreferences establishes a high degree of credibility. The final recommendations of the article are: 

1. All people in North America are Vitamin D deficient. Many of my patients will agree that I have preached on this fact for years.
2. Vitamin D deficient people should start 10,000 units of Vitamin D daily for 1 month. This strategy will immediately improve your resistance to the Covid-19 virus.
3. After 1 month of high dose supplementation, reduce the dose to 5,000 units daily and stay at that dose. I have personally used 7,000 units daily for the last 10 years.
4. True Balance has Vitamin D and will accept telephone, email or text orders while our supplies last (shipping can be arranged). 

The whole area of immune system aging and loss of resistance to viral infections as we age is taking center stage. I will be sending a report on this to all of you in my next communication. I believe there continues to be compelling reasons to consider a Bioidentical Hormone Replacement Therapy program if you are not already on one and are over the age of 50. DHEA and sex hormones, properly prescribed, are powerful factors help combat the deterioration in our immune system with aging. I will be writing about this a lot over the next few weeks. If you come across good articles please reply to this email with the link(s). Since I am socially isolated, I might as well be reading and writing. My good friend Dr. Herb Herbers spends way too much time in front of the computer and sends me lots of good stuff. I will send you some of what he is reading about, and would appreciate more. I can't sew at all, but I can synthesize information and write in an effort to improve your family andyour own safety.

Best Health,
Dr. Ron Brown