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December 04, 2018

Woman Being Shown Her Blood Draw for PRP InjectionsPlatelet-Rich Plasma (PRP) is used to stimulate cell regeneration with concentrated growth factors drawn from your own body. Using special equipment and highly advanced machines, protein-rich plasma is separated and isolated from blood taken from your body, allowing for optimal concentrations of this age-defying substance. Once injected into the treatment area, these proteins work to…

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Category: Injectables
October 17, 2018

Injectable fillers are among the most popular nonsurgical cosmetic treatments. Versatile and effective, dermal fillers work to add volume to the skin, reducing fine lines and deep wrinkles as they gently plump-up and moisturize those areas of the face that have become hollow, sunken, or worn by age.

At True Balance Longevity Institute, we offer a comprehensive selection of injectable fillers, enabling us to meet the unique needs of our patients. Because each filler is formulated to address signs of aging in specific areas of the body, it is important that you select one…

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Category: Injectables
October 05, 2018

Professional Skin Care Products & Treatments | Spruce GroveAs we enter the colder, drier months of Autumn and Winter, even the healthiest of skin can react. If your skin tends to be sensitive to the elements, give us a call to learn about the advanced skin care products and treatments that we offer. In addition to our spa services and nonsurgical cosmetic procedures…

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May 22, 2018

Welcome to the new blog of True Balance Longevity Institute. As part of our dedication to patient education, we are pleased to offer this valuable resource where you will find a wealth of information related to our vast array of health and beauty treatments.

True Balance Longevity Institute staff at St. Albert location

Please bookmark this page and return to our blog often to discover important information related to:

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November 08, 2017

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