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What Are Bioidentical Hormones?

Hormones are chemicals created by our bodies that regulate most of our bodily functions. You may already know some of the hormones your body produces—such as estrogen, which controls the function of the menstrual cycle, or adrenaline, one of the most important hormones for survival. However, our bodies are much more complicated than just a few chemicals can describe. Overall mood, metabolism or weight gain/loss, and reproductive organs all get their function from hormones our bodies produce. The release of hormones is controlled by a network of glands in our bodies called the endocrine system.

What is the Endocrine System?

The endocrine system consists of several glands: some in your head/neck, some in your stomach, and some near the reproductive organs. Each gland creates a few hormones, all which work together to help our bodies function.

    • The hypothalamus is the messenger between the brain and the endocrine system. It’s job is to communicate with the pituitary gland to tell the body when to start making hormones.
    • The pituitary gland is the “master gland” in the body. It handles some of the most important hormones. The gland makes human growth hormone (HGH) as well as several chemicals that tell other glands to produce other hormones
    • The thyroid creates 2 important hormones. The first (known as T3/T4) regulates metabolism which is how food gets converted into energy. The second, calcitonin, regulates how much calcium gets stored in our bones.
    • The adrenal gland creates adrenaline, which controls our fight/flight response. It also creates cortisol and aldosterone, steroids which controls behavior during crisis situations.
    • The pancreas produces two compounds, insulin and glucagon, which regulate blood sugar levels. Diabetes (both Type 1 and 2) is caused by the pancreas not functioning as it should.
    • The gonads can take different forms, depending on biological sex. In women, the gonad produces estrogen and progesterone, which creates the menstrual cycle. In men, the gonad produces testosterone, which regulates the function of the reproductive organ and the creation of sperm.
    • The pineal gland creates melatonin, which regulates sleep patterns.

What are Bioidentical Hormones?

As we age, our bodies begin to change, including the levels of hormones our bodies produce. These can be replaced by taking hormone supplements. Conventional hormones are usually an off-the-shelf solution, which can make it hard to perfectly rebalance your hormones. Bioidentical Hormone Replacement Therapy uses all-natural hormones that match the hormones your body produces right down to the molecule. The doses are custom prepared for you, based on your current hormone levels.

Dr. Ron Brown, our overseeing physician, began his career as a certified gynaecologist. When one of his patients asked him what he knew about Bioidentical Hormone Therapy, his lack of knowledge began to gnaw at him. Over the course of researching the treatment, he wrote Discovering Your Truebalance with Bioidentical Hormones, in which he shares what he learned through extensive research and collaboration with like-minded practitioners. Dr. Brown and his team have over 40 years combined experience in delivering BHRT.

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